Case Study

We are delighted to announce our first case study from Pennine Domestic Abuse Partnership. We would like to thank Seema Imran and Philippa Briggs for their determination to incorporate the reading prompts into the families’ daily structure. As a result, the reading prompts are now part of the welcome package when families arrive at the refuges.

Mum has three young children aged 2, 4 and 8. Children and Young Person’s worker worked with mum and her two youngest children as mum was struggling with them.

Mum and children attended and completed the 6 weeks 0-4 Parent and Child Read and Learn Program and learnt a vast number of skills in how to engage with them using the program overview and use this as a guide for parenting.

Prior to the program mum was not taking the children out to any play sessions and they were missing out on sensory development play and activities or engaging with them however once she had completed the program, she was actively taking the children to the local library ‘lego play’ session and other creative sessions they held. She also took the eldest child to library to take books out as she enjoyed reading. Mum was very proud of herself as were the staff.

Since then, the children attend nursery and are thriving in the refuge. Mum has gained the confidence to engage with them and voice her concerns to professionals when needed and tries to take them out more.