Authors donating signed copies of their books for children and young people are incredible and we are indebted to their generosity in donating signed copies of their books to local refuges. And we appreciate those doing readings or workshops for the children and young people.

We currently are supported by funding, donations, and gifts to enable Refuge In Literacy UK to support refuges with literacy resources.

We already have wonderful companies and people supporting us as part of community social responsibility and appreciate it very much.

Authors Currently Supporting Refuge In Literacy UK

  • Anne Bryant
  • Rhian Ivory
  • Ross Welford
  • Jenny Valentine
  • Claire Culliford
  • Sue Hardy-Dawson
  • Linda Newberry
  • Gillian McClure
  • Colin Parsons
  • Leon Conrad
  • Matt Beighton
  • Abie Longstaff
  • Nicki Singer
  • Coral Rumble
  • Nicki Dee
  • Kathyrn White
  • Rob Etherington
  • Nicholas Allan
  • Mo O’Hara
  • Stuart Reid
  • Matt Killeen
  • Esposito Giovanni
  • Rob Parkinson
  • Cliff Mcnish
  • Heather
    Happy Bottoms Books
  • Jenna and Lucy
    Hedgehog Books
  • Catherine Johnson
  • Justin Stomper
  • Cath Jones
  • Jess Pellien
  • Christopher Vick
  • Chris Bradford/Paul Lynalls
  • Grace Francis
  • Ray Star
  • Ian Browne
  • Lucy Coates
  • Helen Lipscombe
  • Jane Prowse
  • Ally Sherrick
  • Naomi Jones
  • Lesley Parr
  • Anna McKann
  • Rachel Lawston
  • Wendy Goucher
  • Chris Madeley
  • Rebecca Jones
  • Tasha Harrison
  • Tracey Odessa
  • Sophie Anderson
  • Burtie Bee